Robert and I went to the Houston Indie Book Festival that was outside today in this amazing 69F weather. I snagged two Robbie and Bobby books from Jason Poland and Robert got the Grackle book from Chris Sweet. It’s always cool to see some Texas artist bros. It was fun chatting with some authors too.

On the way home I had the awful idea to go to Toys “R” Us and they just happened to have a NECA Chell and a billion Ice King plushies (they were scattered everywhere and I pulled them together like a crazy person). 

Coincidentally I also got my goodies from Chris Sweet's Kickstarter, Effing Decaf’s Transdimentional Mormon Summer Vacation.

Time to wrap up in bed and read some of these goodies until I crash.

Their Webcomics:
Robbie and Bobby
Effing Decaf