Comicpalooza 2013

Overwhelming is the only way I can describe every aspect of Comicpalooza. The amount of support for my work by the Houston community grows beyond what I can even possibly conceive. The entire convention I couldn’t escape from either chatting with people and/or getting commissions done.

I also gave E.K. Weaver a piece of fanart of TJ & Amal which I’m stupid happy that she likes it. On Saturday night I participated in the Live Art Event and watercolored a Stalk from Saga to be auctioned for charity.

Goodies I got:
- Original inked art of faun ladies by my friend Chris Beaver
- Titty Time! Vol 1 by Amanda Lafrenais
- D,O.G.S. of Mars from artist Paul Maybury 
- The Bottom Floor by Karina Farek/Dilfosaur
- Local Heroes by Keith Quinn
- BF-38 Franky figure!!

Goodies I traded:
- Moon Deer & Deer Bird by Shakusaurus
- Iron Man by Karina Farek/Dilfosaur
- Bubblegum, LSP, & Marceline by SeaHorseSpaghetti
- Ice King & Jake buttons from Chelsea/Radtastical
- Freya/Faun lady button from Kaleigh/Kalo